5 Things Expecting Moms Should Have In Their Hospital Bag

A fully equipped hospital bag can be an extremely useful tool for any pregnant woman who is hoping to go into labour in the imminent future. Relying on your husband or significant other to get everything you need minutes before you leave for the hospital is generally not the best idea. So if you think it’s time that you pack your hospital bag, here are 5 essentials you should include in it.
Plenty of clothes You would obviously prefer to be in your own clothes rather than in a hospital gown during your stay at the maternity ward. So pack a few comfortable clothes including a few maternity nightwear items, just in case you might have to spend a few extra nights in the hospital.
Socks are also a very important article of clothing that you should include in your bag. Even though most hospitals do provide socks for women in labour, you might always prefer your own instead.
Comfortable slippers are also a must when you are at the hospital. So pack a pair of slippers that are easy to walk in and one which you are used to.
Therefore ensure that maternity nightwear, socks, slippers and a few other comfortable pieces of clothing are at the top of your list of priorities when packing your hospital bag.
Books/magazines/musicThe hours of labour you may have to endure can be much longer than you expect. Therefore, having some items that will help you relax and be occupied with will be helpful. You will obviously be in a certain degree of pain due to the contractions; therefore having something calming with you; such as music, will be advantageous.
Documentation Identification cards, driver’s license and any other required hospital documentation should be carefully packed in your hospital bag. All medical reports that contain any specific information about your medical history should also be included. You never know at which point they may come into use.
Your birth planFor those who have a specific birth plan in mind, taking it along with you in written form is highly advisable. You might not get the chance to communicate your wishes to the doctor or the midwife due to certain circumstances. Hence, having the birth plan in your bag and advising your partner to produce it at the hospital will help make the birth of your child exactly what you wish it to be.
A camera You are going to want to have memories of the special moments that follow the birth of your baby. Even though you can easily use your phones to take pictures and record vides with your little bundle of joy, it might be a good idea to have a camera as a backup plan.