A Brief Introduction To Style statement- Scarf

Though cashmere clothing does not need any introduction, however, here is an effort to bring some of the prominent points about cashmere warm clothes. Cashmere clothing is centuries old and has evolved with the time. Earlier where cashmere shawls were famous in royal courts, today cashmere scarf and sweater are the famous fashion statement of the present generation. The origin place of cashmere wool is Kashmir (India) but it is equally famous around the world. However, now it is manufactured in other countries like Nepal, Mongolia, and Pakistan.

Steps Involved in the Manufacturing of Wool Used in Cashmere Scarf:
• Cashmere wool production is a time-consuming process and also involves a lot of labor.
• The undercoat of specially bred goats are sheared, combed, cleaned, and different colors are hand sorted. After that, these are spun and dyed into different colors.
• In the last, these threads are woven into make a different type of cashmere clothing such as cashmere sweater, cashmere, shawl and cashmere scarf.
How to Wear Cashmere Scarf to get gorgeous look:
• Cashmere scarves are best to use in winter or early spring. Since it is very warm, it is known as a famous fashion accent that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
• These scarves are available in different colors and patterns so make a contrast as per your dressing such as match your bright color scarf with some matching hat and statement earrings.

• Be careful when choosing pattern or color of cashmere scarves as they alone are sufficient to change the tone of your dressing. While it is easy to pair classic patterns like check ones with other clothes easily; it is statement patterns that are capable of changing your entire personality, also see this awesome statement necklace.
• Since cashmere scarves are often associated with the cooler season as they are too warm. It is advised that you pair them with seasonal warm clothes such as jackets or sweaters.
• If you choose to wear coat or jacket, then you should go for stylish scarf instead of a casual one. Though you can wear these scarves without coat or jacket too, but make sure that you are still pairing them with clothes meant for cooler weather.
• Make sure that you are not messing up with lots of patterns in your dressing as they will clash. For example, you plan to wear the bold colored patterned scarf with an equally bold color top.
• For accessory, it is advised to use earrings like frost earrings instead of using necklaces.
• Last but not the least; you want to highlight your scarf. So, wear it in a hacking knot style, basic hanging loop or let the scarf hang loosely around your neck, but the purpose wear it in a stylish way should be achieved.