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There can be nothing more essential for a girl then to have right bras thought there are many available on the market it is very essential to choose the right one. We are one of the largest stores of inner wear and have all the varieties of bras for our customers. It is very essential to choose the right kind of bra depending upon their size and type some of the commonly used bras are:
Padded Bras
Padded bras as the name say padding on them that is used to lift the size of your breast. Post surgery bras can also be padded. Padding can be as light as just to hide the nipples from being visible from outside or big enough to increase your breast size. The padded bra is one of the widely used bras in the market and can be found in a variety of shapes and styles. Most of the other kinds of bras such as demi cup bra, push up bra or t-shirt bra are padded with a extra layer. One of the biggest advantages of this kind of bra is that whatever be the style you choose it becomes very difficult to tell if they are padded or not. The padding in the bra is made from a variety of materials such as rubber, silicon or foam. Some of the padded bras also use gels or another kind of liquids to give them the shape of your body and make them feel like a real breast. Some of the bras also give an option of removing padding. Link here a top quality product.
Minimiser bra
Minimizer bra is very essential especially for those who have average to large breast. This kind of bra is opposite to the padded bra. They are never used as post surgery bra. If padded bras are used to enlarge your breast, then minimiser bra are used to reduce the size of your breast. Minimiser can easily reduce the size of your breast by an inch or two depending on person to person. Cups of minimiser bra are made from elasticised fibre which helps in reducing the size of the breast. This kind of bras are usually made for those occasions when you want to wear a very skinny dress and can help in fitting into it. They can be also used by those who have large breast want to make them look smaller. Sometimes a particular dress is made depending upon the size of the entire body, and if you have large breast then it becomes very difficult to fit into it. A minimiser bra can be very useful in such occasions. Though they are quite comfortable with all the straps upon them but it should be noted that they should not be worn for longer durations and can cause discomfort.