Condolences To Our Self Can Often Help

Who does not enjoy the presence of their loved ones? But sometimes the presence of these well-wishing people cannot be experienced physically, but only through some vibes that we can feel and understand. Or can I name it the soul connection that takes place between you and that eternal spirit who is no more physically alive? No-one is born with that eternal power and therefore they are going against our wishes. But definitely, our wishes can rule in memories and thoughts and remembrance. Why not create an eternal and magnificent connection with your loved ones with these diamonds?

What is a diamond burial?
Staying close to one’s children, parents, family person, and your loved ones are something that is desired by all. A perfect way to venerate your loved ones who are lost is through these ashes diamonds. Now the question arises what is this ashes diamond? Basically, a man made diamond purely made from the ashes of your loved ones and therefore they are also called crematory diamond or the diamond burial.

It undergoes a synthetic process using modern carbon extraction and crystallization technology. Finally, with the help of art the stunning shapes and sizes the finite pieces of gems are received. There are organizations and brands that have taken up a wonderful job in ashes to diamond, keeping safe your imperishable love and adoration for the person you have lost. This western concept has slowly been taken up the eastern parts and by now it has been a pretty popular concept. Diamonds are definitely immortal.

How do they become a replica?
It is an amazing how these are beautifully crafted. The simple structure of a carbon can be broken and altered into a piece of genuine diamond. These are basically turnouts from the carbon signature from the cremated ashes in a laboratory. They are genuine and for a matter of fact, they replicate the natural diamonds that are created under extreme pressure and temperature beneath the earth. In fact, they are also configured with the similar proportion of physical and chemical properties alike the mined diamonds.

The procedure to get the alias of earth diamonds
The process of ashes to diamond, initiates from collecting the cremated ashes and then the carbon from this has planted them to the real diamond seeds and finally, the mixture is placed in the incubators under regulated temperature. The processing inside the incubator is something that almost gives the shape of the stuff. It uses High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) to make it a duplicate outcome of the natural diamond. In order to match up the natural heat and pressure that is received by the mined diamonds, these created ones are put into 2000˚C and pressure up to 60,000 atmospheres. This entire process takes around 2 months and more 10 -15 days.

How to differentiate between the natural ones and created ones?
All created diamonds have their ID numbers on the griddle that is visible at x20 magnification. They are graded according to their molding that is created by the heat and pressure given in the incubators. And finally, they are set in jewels according to the shapes and sizes.